(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

How did a university with one full-time staffer and three distributed campuses, including a distance learning program with 16,000 enrolled students, create thousands of online presentations with hundreds of thousands of views?

Vision, cooperation and Mediasite.

“After seven years of persistence, and a bucket load of patience, Massey University is not only adopting Mediasite, but hitting it hard with a multimillion dollar, multi-campus scale-up that we like to call the rich media learning project, or RML for short,” said Matt Alexander, multimedia developer.

Massey, located in New Zealand, uses Mediasite for university-wide lecture capture, as well as conferences, staff training and high profile, no-fail, live webcasts of VIP speakers in a variety of environments, from traditional classroom lecture theaters to traditional Maori meeting houses.

Now, the university is taking it to the next step by implementing a flipped approach – recording short lectures for students to watch before class, freeing up teaching time so classes are more engaging and active.