(Today at Unleash 2014, the Mediasite User Conference, Dr. Toshiyuki Miyahara of Meiji University shared why his university adopted Mediasite.)

In Japan, higher education’s adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has lagged behind US and European adoption trends.

In an effort to change this, some institutions have invested in learning technologies and equipment. However, without first changing the teaching system, these universities often failed to fully utilize technology to enhance education for students – particularly when it came to their e-learning systems.

With the vicious circle between technology investments and inability to change to a more efficient teaching system, resistance against moving to a digital educational content model in Japan is strong.

Meiji University has faced a similar issue. However, the school successfully challenged itself to adopt classroom lectures into their e-learning system.

The university began recording lectures in 2006 but excessive cost was an ongoing issue. So, it searched for a platform to simplify the process and reduce cost.

Since 2007 Meiji Univeristy has been using and growing its Mediasite deployment. Dr. Miyahara said the university chose Mediasite for, among the many reasons, its ease of use and portability.

Currently, there are eight Mediasite Recorders across four campuses, as well as Mediasite EX Servers for managing the content.

“Mediasite has become an indispensible tool to us at Meiji University,” Dr. Miyahara said. “Meiji is able to make big steps to e-learning with Mediasite.”