A lot goes into training staff, more than you probably realize. 

If you’ve got employees all over and want to provide some professional development to them in person you have to consider:

  • Travel time
  • Instructor time
  • Scheduling rooms
  • Getting people there
  • Rescheduling the people who missed it, etc. 

And after all is said and done you’ve still just done ONE training session to ONE group of people. Repeat those steps until you get to everyone. It’s tiring just thinking about all the work, time and money that goes into it when there’s a much more efficient way to do things. 

Imagine presenting just one training session from the comfort of your office and having all your employees, regardless of location, watch it whenever it’s convenient for them. 

That’s what the Aerospace Institute, the corporate university of the Aerospace Corporation, did using Mediasite webcasts. 

“Our workforce is geographically dispersed. We go from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between, and trying to manage that workforce through different training efforts was very difficult,” said Al Hoheb, principal engineer for the Corporation. “Before Mediasite we had a lot of live instructor training with all those limitations but now we can capture and distribute content. It also enabled us to build a repository of video, MP3, PDF. That repository is downloadable across our workforce. That’s very powerful.” 

Check out why the Aerospace Institute is a finalist for a Rich Media Impact Award in this video from Al. 

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