There are tons of reasons to break up or repurpose Mediasite content. Sometimes its because you let the Mediasite Recorder capture the entire day's worth of sessions and you want to break it up by speaker. Other times you may want to take just a slice of an existing presentation and create a nice tidy little learning object.

Whatever your reason, you'll be happy to know that it's easy to repurpose content from a longer presentation into smaller, bite-sized chunks using the Mediasite Editor.

This embedded Mediasite Player below shows you how to do that.

[mediasite id="ae2a4bbd78e640349a95a699a1f066c01d" width="490" height="305" host=""]

The basic process works like this:

  1. Open the Mediasite Presentation in the Mediasite Editor.
  2. Select "Save project as" to create a copy of the main presentation that you can edit into the future as needed.
  3. Edit the presentation down to only the parts you want to be included in your new presentation using the cropping handles and/or middle cuts.
  4. Select "Commit changes to new." You'll be essentially performing an "Add like" function on the Mediasite EX Server with the presentation now being the shorter, sweeter version that you just created. You can then modify the metadata as needed either in the Management Portal or via any Catalog in which it appears.

I hope this helps you get some extra mileage out of your Mediasite content!

PS I should also mention that this video was created with Camtasia Relay, which then automatically published it to Mediasite, where I did a few minor edits before making it available here. That's a part of the simplified and integrated workflow we're offering in the next release of Mediasite. Stay tuned for more on that soon. . .