I’m honored to be featured in a recent Systems Contractor News piece talking about how collaboration solutions are changing the status of the AV industry today. I had the pleasure of meeting the reporter, Kelleigh Welch, at InfoComm earlier this summer in Orlando, Fla., and she was kind enough to include me in her Q&A that published last week. Here’s a preview of what we talked about. You can read the full article here.

Quick Bio

Name: Sean Brown
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Sonic Foundry
Overtime: Sean is a huge comic book fan, and he says he’d love to see the Star Trek beaming transport become a reality, so people can visit each other at the press of a button. Over at Sonic Foundry, he’s already part of making this a reality by helping develop solutions for people to collaborate through video across the globe.

SCN: Collaboration is a hot topic in AV right now—it had a huge presence at InfoComm once again. How do you see collaboration solutions changing the status of the AV industry today?

Sean Brown: Video is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of today’s collaborative workplace, and it’s essential to be able to pinpoint and reference important information from meetings and collaborations. Too often great ideas, subject matter expertise, and important details are forgotten or left behind when a video call ends. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Join automates the capture of collaborative content like videoconferences, providing a rich searchable record of any meeting it is part of.

SCN: What would you say are the biggest markets for collaboration solutions and how should innovators address the needs of those markets?

SB: Global corporations with multiple sites are still the organizations with the greatest need and resources to dedicate to collaboration space. Higher education is out front in adapting these technologies quickly into mission-critical applications, drawing on their constant influx of tech savvy stakeholders that are ready to take advantage in research and academics. However, I believe that the large enterprises that have been the focal point of development are soon going to have contention from medium and small businesses, as well as individuals that will take advantage of decreasing costs and increased quality to use the same collaborative technology in mission-critical ways via the cloud. Video collaboration will be the new coffee shop in the second half of this decade for the growing consultant-class worker.

Read the full article here.