Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Events crew is about to descend on San Diego en masse for Convening Leaders 2012, the annual conference of the Professional Convention Management Association, and the co-located Virtual Edge Summit.

We’ll spend the better part of next week networking, learning and, as you’ll see in this lengthy list, presenting! both onsite and online – spreading the good word about hybrid events, streaming your conference online and the social media buzz that goes hand in hand with event webcasting.

Here’s a quick roundup of our sessions – join us please!

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PCMA Convening Leaders ConferenceSan Diego Convention Center | January 8-11, 2012

Social Listening for Meetings | Monday 1.9, 10:30 a.m.

Your event attendees are more engaged with social media today than they’ve ever been. They are using these tools to share their experiences and how they feel — your event may be part of this conversation. If you’re not listening, you are missing opportunities to innovate, solve problems, identify evangelists and prospects and reduce costs. In this hands-on session with Sonic Foundry’s VP Marketing Erica St. Angel, learn how knowing what your audience is saying is integral to building a powerful event.

Social Media Power Hour – Video Chat Session (online exclusive) | Monday 1.9, 12:00 noon

This is your chance to tap the minds and experience of Social Media mavericks and pioneers in the events industry. No topic is off limits, from the basics of creating a hashtag on Twitter (and why, how, when), to creating a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that drives attendance and engagement. If you’re just dipping your toes in the social media waters or you’re fully immersed you can interact with experts like Erica St. Angel, VP Marketing for Sonic Foundry and winner of the Forrester Groundswell award for her use of social media and Elizabeth Glau, owner and Chief Foundation Strategist at Building Blocks Social Media.

The Great Debate: Social Media Etiquette – Old Fashioned Construct or Time Honored Tradition? | Tuesday 1.10, 1:15 p.m.

Is there a need to extend the rules of etiquette to social media interactions or is this an old fashioned construct from a bygone era? Differences in the approach to openness and anonymity in cyberspace is raising the question of what is proper to share publically and what is inappropriate. Where should lines be drawn in terms of anonymity v. openness, between thoughtful comments and offhand remarks, between what most might consider constructive v. what some feels is sniping or “who cares” comments?
Join Erica St. Angel, Sonic Foundry’s VP Marketing, to discuss how your comments can impact your personal/professional life, your organization and your event and whether there is a need for social media etiquette and how the new parameters could be generally agreed on and constructed…or are we all just taking the whole conversation too seriously?

Virtual Edge Summit
| San Diego Convention Center | January 9-11, 2012

Need to sit for a bit? Stop by our booth any time!

Streaming 101 | Monday 1.9, 9:55 a.m. in the Learning Lounge

You hear the word ‘streaming’ all the time, but what exactly does it mean? John Pollard, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Program Director, explains what streaming is, why it’s needed in today’s digital world and how to hire a streaming company you can trust.

Is Free Streaming Really Free? | Monday 1.9, 10:30 a.m. in the Learning Lounge

What is the difference between free and paid streaming? Get this question answered and more as John Pollard, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Program Director, gives the pros and cons of free streaming services, what you get and what you may still need.

The Hybrid Move to Mobile | Monday 1.9, 1:30 p.m. at the Sonic Foundry booth

How important is it to give event attendees access to sessions when and where they want it? Both face-to-face and online participants need to be able to get their hands on the information with a quick turnaround time regardless of their location, and with today’s mobile technology it’s easier than ever for participants to find what they need fast. Join John Pollard, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Program Director, to discuss the importance of accessibility in this mobile world and how to ensure your participants leave your event, whether it’s online or in person, feeling fulfilled.

Make it a Year Round Hybrid Event | Tuesday 1.10, 8:30 a.m. at the Sonic Foundry booth

How do you get the most out of a hybrid event? Hosting one only scratches the surface. You have to leverage pre-show content and messaging and also promote the event after it’s over. In this session, John Pollard, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Program Director, will discuss the keys to making your event work for you year round.

How to Make Money with Virtual and Hybrid Events | Tuesday 1.10, 2:30 p.m.

While some producers are finding financial success with their virtual and hybrid events, others struggle to sell booths, sponsorships and sessions. Is it their market or their model? Get your monetization questions answered in this important session featuring panelist Erica St. Angel, Sonic Foundry’s VP Marketing.

Hybrids: From Shoestring to Turnkey | Tuesday 1.10, 4:00 p.m.

Hybrid means different things to different people. Some are using very simple and inexpensive methods of broadcasting content from their events with little engagement or production support. Others are designing elaborate user experiences and engaging high-end productions with “on-air talent.” Our panel, featuring John Pollard, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Program Director, helps you determine what’s right for your organization.

Simple Online Events to Engage Members and Fuel Community | Tuesday 1.10, 4:00 p.m.

Sometimes the simplest virtual events pay big dividends. Come see how the Ontario Hospital Association has created a 280 percent return on its virtual investment, and how University Business has built an archive of virtual content specifically to promote its physical conferences and build its online event community into a year-round destination.

Presented by Todd Hutchings, Director of Distance Learning, Ontario Hospital Association & Stephanie Martinez, CIO, Professional Media Group. Todd and Stephanie have also been featured in our Event Webcasting Best Practices webinar series. You can watch their archives here:

See you in Pacific Standard Time, and online!