You'll hear it from me sooner or later, so I might as well just come out and say it - I love the game of basketball. I'm not saying I watch it all the time, nor that I even play it that often, but I do coach it - I love what the game requires and what it teaches my kids.

John WoodenOne of the all time great basketball coaches, if not the greatest basketball coach ever, is John Wooden. Wooden was incredibly successful in his long career and is the first person to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach. Obviously, when someone is that successful, people pay attention to what he has to say about winning.

To Wooden, winning was the result of focusing on three things: fundamentals, conditioning, and teamwork. Doesn't sound terribly revolutionary, but man did he deliver winning seasons.

When we talk about Mediasite, we similarly talk about three areas of focus: ease of use, reliability, and comprehensiveness.

For us, ease of use is like Wooden's fundamentals. Our number one tenet is "Don't change the way the presenter presents." That is, we take great pain to hide any and all complexity and eliminate your presenters' fear of both change and of technology. Without ease of use, your solution is nothing.

Wooden's teams were also always in great shape (that is, well conditioned). He knew that if he could physically outlast his opponents, his team would have a much stronger chance of winning. We take that same approach to building Mediasite. We know that if we develop software and hardware with strict attention to detail, ensuring that we've made the most robust recording appliance available, that we'll be able to offer reliability that lasts. Customers tell us they've not missed a recording in years. That's the kind of reliability that will help you win - regardless of your role in the webcasting lifecycle.

Finally, Wooden stressed team above self. How can I tie that to Mediasite? Well, Mediasite is just one piece of your overall solution. But its comprehensiveness means it's also built to play well on your team. For example, by offering certified integration with room control systems like Crestron or AMX. Or by offering plug ins for learning management systems like Blackboard or Moodle. Or maybe by allowing you to simply use the content stored in Mediasite in any number of ways outside of Mediasite, while still securing your content and enabling you to report on its usage. That's what we consider being a good team player.

For Wooden, it was fundamentals, conditioning, and teamwork.
For Mediasite, it's ease of use, reliability, and comprehensiveness.

The good news is that with either one, you win.