Since its inception in 2005, the Rich Media Impact Awards’ mission has been to honor excellence in Mediasite integration into business, education, health and government. Winners and finalists have represented the best examples of how our customers are using video to work, learn and communicate better.

2005 was a moment in time where YouTube was in its infancy. The iPhone and tablets didn’t exist. The concept of creating and viewing video over the web hadn’t exploded just yet. But thanks to the vision and dedication of our early customers video was about to grow exponentially in the enterprise.

As we open the awards for the 10th year, and with more than 160 corporations, colleges, universities, government agencies and associations honored in this program, it’s clear that our customers are no longer simply creating rich media in boardrooms and lecture halls—they’re transforming video into the most valuable medium in their organizations. Now all video is part of the story. Mountains of it. It’s coming from every smart phone, desktop, tablet and event. From any user. And it’s all managed, tagged, searched and secure through Mediasite.

With this evolution we realized the Rich Media Impact Awards had outgrown its own name.

So why did we settle on the Enterprise Video Awards? For lots of reasons. We’ve built an enterprise video platform. Enterprise is more suited to take on your mission-critical communications than YouTube. Enterprise means resourcefulness, ingenuity, originality and creativity. All things we consider when awarding our customers.