Picture a traditional lecture hall – the professor writing notes on a whiteboard while the students stare at his or her back. They’re a bit disconnected. But at San Diego State University, a unique learning studio called the Learning Glass changes all that.

In the Learning Glass studio a professor can teach facing forward by writing their notes on a clear glass. The students, whether they are in the studio or watching online, see that image flipped on a screen next to the professor so class time is more personable.

“We give faculty the opportunity to teach facing forward, which really gives them a great interactive piece. And the students, in turn, are able to interact more directly with the faculty member by facing forward,” said Rich Bakken, coordinator of media production and special events at Instructional Technology Services, San Diego State University.

The university uses Mediasite to live stream that video to both the students in the studio and the ones watching at a distance.

“Students are the number one benefactors. They’re able to review the content whenever they need to, especially before large tests or quizzes, and it gives them a chance to go back, review content that they may or may not have understood the first time,” Bakken said. “We also feel that students who may not have English as their primary language are then able to review the content much easier by using Mediasite.”

San Diego University is a Learning Environment Award finalist. See the Learning Glass in action in San Diego University’s nomination video.

This is part of a continuing series about our 2015 Enterprise Video Award finalists. The award program recognizes Mediasite users for revolutionizing video in their organizations. Winners will be announced during Unleash 2015, our Mediasite User Conference April 27-29 in Madison, Wis.