Professor Andrew Renaut is performing - and webcasting - a live, rare and as he describes it "anatomically interesting" surgery today from OR6 at The Brisbane Private Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Renaut is Professor of Surgery, runs a surgical practice and started a company called Videosurgery that streams surgical procedures both live and on-demand via the Mediasite webcasting platform.

For you medical folks, it's a laparoscopic resection of a retroperitoneal tumor. The webcast will be available only to surgical students, but he's open to granting temporary access to non-medical personnel (you can contact him here).

"Mediasite lets students step inside the operating room to watch live webcasts of real surgical procedures as they are happening, and allows them to appreciate unexpected events that may occur and learn from professionals how to cope with them in real time."

Andrew Renaut,  professor, surgeon and founder of Videosurgery

Renaut also just won a 2010 Rich Media Impact Award in the Healthcare category this spring. Here's his winning nomination video:

[mediasite id="74cc7a9cc1644515b50b9ddf0f33948c" viewerid="07224034-0f5f-407e-8208-3e23d8062339" host="" width="584" height="400"]