(Part of an ongoing series featuring Rich Media Impact Award finalists) San Antonio College, one of the Alamo Collages, is the largest single-campus community college in the state of Texas with 26,000 students. As enrollment was growing on campus and resources were shrinking, San Antonio sought innovative yet affordable technology solutions to increase student access, improve student success, and provide a medium for professional development.

Mona Aldana-Ramirez, Center for Education Preparation program coordinator, put Mediasite to use as a versatile webcasting workhorse on campus, involved in everything from helping teachers excel to being the main communication line to faculty, students and the community. It’s used so far and wide and with such success throughout campus that it’s hard to narrow down the major Mediasite moments, but for the sake of this blog post (and Aldana-Ramirez’s RMIA nomination), read on to find out about the top three.

Major Mediasite Moment 1: Improving Scholastic Achievement

A teaching with technology grant allowed the college to use Mediasite in an innovative way to increase student achievement at public schools. According to Aldana-Ramirez the single most deciding factor in student achievement are the teachers themselves. The college worked with public school teachers to train them in classroom technologies.

“We learned that the teachers were very apprehensive when it came to too much technology too quickly. So we had to figure out a way to capture that,” said Aldana-Ramirez. They used Mediasite to capture training workshops. “The workshops allowed teachers to go back and refresh themselves when they had time. So we developed these how-to video snippets on-demand so that teachers can go back whenever they like in the classroom and refer to the videos.”

Providing support and in-depth training sessions via Mediasite had a big impact on teachers, and therefore had a big impact on students. The data gathered upon completion of the study showed success; student achievement had increased. “Mediasite allowed us to help our teachers become better teachers and help the students achieve.”

Major Mediasite Moment 2: Lecture Capture for Foreign-Language Classes
Learning a foreign language begins with repetition – listen and repeat, again and again. San Antonio college uses Mediasite to help students hear the words and phrases correctly even outside of class. “It is important for students to be able to review classroom discussions, especially with those tough languages like Latin, where they need to hear the instructor say it,” said Aldana-Ramirez.

Major Mediasite Moment 3: Communication
The college is also using Mediasite in the office of technology services to produce e-clip videos, which are real time webcasts containing campus information. Students, faculty and the community can receive information that is currently trending within our campus. “This allows us to get the information out a lot quicker and not spend so much time post-production on making these videos. Mediasite has really cut down on the amount of money and man-power it takes to make something happen here at our college.” San Antonio College is an RMIA finalist in the Scholastic Achievement Category. Watch the awards ceremony live on May 18.