Marshall B. Ketchum University in Fullerton, Calif. uses Mediasite for campus-wide lecture capture and video management.

Prior to deploying Mediasite in August 2014, the university, a post-graduate health care education institution, was looking for a unified solution to capture and manage lecture content. After a large remodel to the lecture halls, the university sought a more robust, cloud-based lecture capture system that integrates with Moodle, its learning management system.

Now that Mediasite has been installed in the lecture halls, faculty and staff across campus use it to record presentations, edit and share critical content instantly and easily with students. To accelerate even wider use, the university uses My Mediasite Desktop Recorder for faculty and staff to create and share videos, lectures and assignments from any device and location. During last school year, they created more than 1,100 videos – 1,753 hours of content – that received over 52,000 views.

“The on-demand delivery has helped students at MBKU receive content in a way that better corresponds to their individual learning styles,” said Dr. Ray Chu, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. “Additionally, MBKU faculty members have begun to explore the many opportunities they now have to deliver important health care content more effectively.”

“Mediasite’s analytic tools are very helpful,” said Matt Breneman, Director of Multimedia Services. “We are able to generate for individual faculty members specific reports that show which segments of their lectures are being reviewed by students multiple times. This level of feedback provides faculty with the opportunity to adjust their lecture content to either speed up or go into additional detail in response to visible lulls and spikes on the lecture timeline. Students can use Mediasite to enhance their education, ensuring through repetition they are not only absorbing but better retaining the material.”

“In just seven short months, Marshall B. Ketchum University created an impressive amount of video, measuring on par with global Mediasite usage statistics which show content creation is growing at 49 percent annually,” said Gary Weis, Sonic Foundry CEO. “Video is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn, and we are pleased to partner with the university to help its students master the skills needed as they prepare to work in a competitive health care system.”