Last week, a German university used video to turn its annual scientific festival into a worldwide event.

Goethe University in Frankfurt hosted its 7th annual Night of Science, a student event which is now the country’s largest festival of its kind to use live streaming technology to share presentations from faculty with the world. 

During this 12-hour solstice event, Goethe University faculty and students presented 80 scientific lectures to the 5,000 attendees on campus and online. Using Mediasite-equipped lecture halls plus a Mediasite ML Recorder, the Lecture Capture Group of the university’s computer center (MultiMedia Goethe University) streamed five lectures simultaneously at any given time, capturing nearly 40 presentations and 32 hours of content total, according to Ullrich Grimm-Allio, multi-media specialist at Goethe University. 

Check out the videos on-demand. Heads up to our English speaking readers, they’re in German. 

This is only just one small aspect of the amazing things Goethe University is doing with webcasts. Check out to learn its full Mediasite story.