WARNING - This post is going to be a bit more technical than some of our others (but no less exciting!)

In Mediasite 5.4, communication between the remote recorder interface and the recorder has changed, affecting the TCP ports used, security settings available (including SSL encryption), and making recorder naming a more important consideration.

This presentation, Recorder Communication Security, discusses the changes and gives you some important information to be aware of before you install or upgrade to Mediasite 5.4. If you are a Mediasite Administrator and/or IT manager responsible for deploying the Mediasite system, you will definitely want to take a look.

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You can also download our tech planner, TP-8 Recorder Communication Security (Customer Assurance login required), to share with relevant team members at your organization.

All of this should all help to make your 5.4 upgrade or installation go as smoothly as possible.

Speaking of upgrade considerations, you can also watch a presentation by Bill Cherne on Planning Your 5.4 Upgrade.

We hope you enjoy the new recorder user interface and the other new capabilities of Mediasite 5.4!