As Mediasite continues to evolve, it can be hard to keep up with all the things Mediasite can do for you to make your life easier. I stumbled onto one such example in a conversation with a customer, who was delighted to learn of it. What is it? It has to do with the ability to link player graphics.

In our Mediasite Players, you can link player graphics to the URL of your choice. So, if you want to link the banner graphic to a URL, you can do that. If you want to link the “This presentation has ended” graphic to a URL, you can. In fact, you can replace default graphics with your own graphics. You might change that “presentation has ended” graphic to read, “Thanks for watching! Click on this slide to help us improve by answering a brief, two-minute survey” Or you might send them to take a test in your LMS.

I thought a short conversation with Shane Tracy, our Director of Training and Events, would help you understand this feature better, as well as the steps to follow. See the brief, two-minute presentation below.

[mediasite id="7397019f63544e74a18ee1c141f218ec" viewerid="bfea4c68-1178-440b-b91e-77a0b036d590" host="" width="400" height="300"]

Note: The Silverlight player treats some of the graphics differently, so not all graphics are as linkable as those in the Classic Mediasite Player.

Finally, if you are on an earlier version of Mediasite (e.g., still on 4.3) and looking for other features or reasons to upgrade, check out our upcoming webcast this Friday called, Upgrading from Mediasite 4.x to 5.3: Why Make the Move Now?

Hope you can make it!