If you love reporting (who doesn't?) you know that Mediasite has a multitude of ways to determine who has viewed what content when - and how much. However, we still had room to improve on the other side: Who isn't watching? What isn't being watched?

Why care if no one watched? It’s particularly valuable for presentations that are required viewing – like human resources or training content, course overviews, sensitivity training, legal briefings. And on a personal level, if you’ve recorded something and get a question on it, it’s useful to see if the asker actually watched your presentation.

With that in mind, we recently added the ability to report on two new things (and maybe more?):

  • Users who have NOT watched specific content
  • Presentations that have NOT been watched for a specified period

This embedded Mediasite presentation shows you how to set it up. (You may want to go into full screen mode for the best resolution.)

[mediasite id="c6819625e5bc48f5bd3207dbc2418971" viewerid="bfea4c68-1178-440b-b91e-77a0b036d590" host="http://sofo.mediasite.com/mediasite" width="600" height="450"]

So now you can report on zero views from both a user perspective and from a presentation perspective.
The steps are as follows:

  1. Open a report (user or presentation report in this case).
  2. Expand the "Include:" section and select "Edit."
  3. In this mode, you can select the "Items with zero" checkbox (as well as setting presentation and user filters).
  4. Run the report.
  5. Save.

You can now use this report to check in on users or to determine content that is simply past its prime (or needs some promoting).

This should make it a little easier to determine compliance with your organization's guidelines or to decide which content should be taken offline or archived.