During our Mediasite User Conference last month (UNLEASH 2009) I happened upon a conversation Dharmesh and John were having about folders and permissions. Dharmesh was at the Mediasite Guru post and one of our customers had been having trouble with the "add like" function and permissions.

I thought the info that Dharmesh went on to share was excellent - something I didn't know - and so the three of us decided to repeat the conversation with me behind the camera, Dharmesh as our special guest and John playing Oprah.

Here's the first installment. Maybe it will become a series if you like what you see and hear.

[mediasite id="36591b5735f24ab8a401549a85c9ed9f" host="http://sofo.mediasite.com/mediasite" width="520" height="290"]

And if you don't feel like watching, here's the tip: Folder permissions trump 'Add Like' and presentation permissions. Template permissions - when configured to do so - can trump Folder permissions.

When you create a presentation based on 'Add Like' and then move that presentation to a different Folder, the permissions for that presentation will become the same as the folder where it now lives.

You can use a Template instead of 'Add Like' to create a new presentation though. And then, based on how you configure roles for that Template, the permissions for any presentation based on it will be the same -- regardless of the Folder where they live.

As John says, this is our first. Could be our last. Let us know what you think, and what tips you'd like to share, or watch, in the future.