During our webcast last week, How to Record a High Quality Multimedia Presentation, we covered a number of important concepts necessary to deliver a high quality multimedia experience: clothing, audio, lighting, framing the shot, equipment, etc. Unfortunately, we really didn’t have time to go into all of the Mediasite specifics and how they might impact your webcasts.

Mysteriously, one of our stealth Sonic Foundry Event Services members was hanging around with a camera running as Shane and I discussed what might have been a nice addition to that webcast.

For example, we might have explained that the number of slides captured (and, therefore, the degree of smooth motion in the image pane) is a result of three interdependent settings. One setting is the Image Scan Rate (default is set at 2 frames per second). Another setting is the the Image Change Sensitivity (default is set at 90). And, finally, the Remove Slide Transitions check box (by default this box is checked). We probably would have explained that, for most purposes, the default settings are just what you need. And, perhaps as a bit of a surprise, we'd also explain why you might want to use the default settings even when you have high motion content in your slides (for example, a movie in your PowerPoint).

Curious to learn more? Watch this brief video to get a better understanding of how the sensitivity settings work on the Mediasite Recorder and a couple tips for unique presentation scenarios. Enjoy!