The next installment in our Mediasite Tip series, what's the difference between "Everyone" and "Anonymous" in terms of viewer permissions and security roles? And what are the pros and cons of each for different Mediasite applications?

[mediasite id="57386c8d210b48da9bb0fc57b01af9f4" host="" width="520" height="290" ]

Here's the tip: if you want everyone to see it - and we mean everyone, totally completely publicly available - choose "Everyone." Some Dharmesh math: "Everyone" = "Anonymous" (all the people who aren't in your Directory) + Authenticated Users (all the people in your Directory).

If you only select "Anonymous" for your security settings, authenticated users who are logged in will not be able to view that Mediasite presentation (because they are clearly not anonymous at that point).

"Everyone" is your go to setting for an all access pass, but "Anonymous" can be useful for sensitive content as John and Dharmesh explain here.

Tune in next time for "Demystifying Push and Pull."