Enterprise and event webcasting for business

Go live with video webcasts for conferences and training

Online video has radically changed how we all do business. Organizations large and small rely on the Mediasite webcasting platform and our Mediasite Events group to improve operational efficiency, amplify brand awareness and ultimately, get results. With enterprise webcasting, you can go live or on-demand with streaming video and rich media webcasts, and easily manage thousands of presentations with powerful video content management and delivery systems.

Get results

  • Get everyone on the same page at the same time, without being in the same place
  • Decrease false starts, forgotten directives and time-consuming mistakes
  • Eliminate the need for employees to leave their desks for briefings or training
  • Prevent interruptions as workers watch on-demand when they are less distracted
  • Access important company information anytime-anywhere

Take the meeting to those who can't attend

  • Create hybrid events that complement the face-to-face meeting with online presentations
  • Meet the demands of a mobile, distributed workforce
  • Address everyone at the same time, regardless of their physical location
  • Promote regular communication between dispersed employees and team leads

Build stronger teams

  • Foster direct and intimate communication between management and employees
  • Brief colleagues on complex projects with greater clarity, frequency and convenience
  • Cultivate better collaboration and team morale

Popular corporate applications

  • Executive communications: state of the enterprise speeches, all-hands meetings
  • Conferences and events: sales meetings, user conferences, product launch
  • Sales and marketing: demonstrations, webinars, channel relations
  • Workforce development: training, HR briefings, policy documentation
  • Program management: technical training, research collaboration
  • Customer support: product tutorials, self-guided troubleshooting
  • Investor relations: earnings calls, analyst briefings, annual reports