Mediasite Recorders

Rock-solid, reliable webcasting recorders.

Across campus and in the enterprise, valuable knowledge and expertise is shared every minute. But what’s the best way to capture that knowledge before it evaporates into thin air? Mediasite provides the flexible options you need to record and upload any content from anywhere – training rooms, classrooms, user laptops, studios and live events.
room capture

Mediasite RL Recorders - Room Capture

Automate content capture to speed user adoption and scale worry-free webcasting enterprise-wide.
user generated content desktop capture

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Easily record screencasts and rich video from any laptop, upload existing video captured with any recording tool and manage all user-generated content.
streaming video recorder

Mediasite ML Recorder - Event Capture

Record and stream live events with a go-anywhere appliance or rely on turnkey event webcasting services