As we count down the RMIA finalists, the folks at HAVENc@st made us wonder; how do people get their start in the world of sportscasting? Maybe they were living-room announcers as kids, doing play-by-play from the sofa during Monday night football. Or maybe they were inspired by their college team and wrangled their way into a studio. More than anything they’re following some deep calling to root for their team.

That’s something Adam Williams, sophomore at Lock Haven University, knows about.

“Lock Haven carries a rich tradition of athletics dating back to the 1930s. We’ve produced top-notch athletes who have won national titles to put our university on the map, making us one of the most decorated universities in the Pennsylvania athletic conference,” said Williams.

As current president of HAVENc@st, Williams follows his beloved Lock Haven Bald Eagles as closely as anyone does. Founded by graduate student Derek Caldwell, and managed and produced entirely by students, the program uses Mediasite to webcast every sporting event played in the Thomas Field House – Lock Haven’s home turf. That includes eight Division II sports, two Division I sports, and boxing club invitationals.

The webcasting platform has been pivotal in bringing the Bald Eagles to the fans, friends, families and boosters of Lock Haven athletics. And along the way, the program is instilling passion and skill in aspiring young broadcasters who cover the games from the sidelines.

“Mediasite has made it possible for anyone wanting to get into the sports broadcasting field to webcast in front of a live audience and get more comfortable speaking,” said Brett Woodurn, LHU student and HAVENc@st presenter. “When I came to Lock Haven I couldn’t even give a presentation in front of a class of ten without getting nervous and my legs shaking. Through Mediasite and HAVENc@st I’m more comfortable speaking. I can improvise in class or on air, and whether it’s in front of an online audience or a class of 200 kids I can comfortably speak in public. A lot of that is due to Mediasite and the opportunity they gave us at HAVENc@st.”

And one more opportunity just opened up for HAVENc@st; the chance to win a Rich Media Impact Award in the Association category for their work with Mediasite.

“Over the past six months HAVENc@st has been able to put together 74 presentations which have accumulated 5,755 hits. Not only has our product been viewed regionally but also across the globe to counties such as China, Australia, Uruguay, England, Trinidad & Tobago,” said Caldwell. “Without Mediasite we wouldn’t have the same environment at LHU sporting events that we do today. If there was no Mediasite, there would be no HAVENc@st productions.”

Watch the awards ceremony live on May 17 at 11:20 a.m.