Your holiday break begins in just a few short hours. Hang in there. To make your time pass a tad quicker, let our friends serenade you with a little music, made possible via Mediasite. 

I know many of you have been waiting for video of the MUG Jam from the Mediasite User Conference UNLEASH earlier this year, so without further ado, here it is. 

There are a few more videos from the performance that we’ll share on our Mediasite User Group (MUG) and various social platforms. So keep an eye out. 

A little background on the MUG (Mediasite User Group) Jam:

At UNLEASH 2011 a few attendees were chatting about who plays instruments. Mark Dashper of The University of Auckland in New Zealand mentioned he plays cello, and a few other musicians piped in. They decided they should jam together, but since they were all from different parts of the world that was easier said than done. 

Never underestimate the power of Mediasite, though. They were able to practice together via Mediasite webcasts. Cool, right? 

At this year’s UNLEASH back in May they came together once again for a quick practice and played for the first time in-person in front of all of the conference attendees … and they were a big hit.  

Add that to the never-ending list of things Mediasite can do. 

Happy holidays from our office to yours! 



Photos: (Left) Mona Aldana-Ramirez of San Antonio College and Cheryl Johnson of Anchorage School District showcase their vocals. (Right) Evan Guyer of Northrop Grumman and Mark Dashper of The University of Auckland in New Zealand provide instrumentals.