Mediasite advocate Gwen Noteborn from Maastricht University in the Netherlands gave a great presentation at FOTE 2013 (Future of Technology in Education) this fall in London. In it, she debunked myths related to using webcasts in education and discussed research and data she collected from real students and teachers.

Lucky for you, her entire presentation was captured via Mediasite and is available for public viewing here.

A few key takeaways from her research:

  • Online lectures increases student grades significantly. Pilot studies show an increase in pass rates of 15 percent.
  • Students show intensive use of webcasts with an average of over 10 views per clip per student. 
  • Students will still come to class even if you have an online component. Almost 90 percent of all students indicated that face-to-face education offers a social aspect which can’t be replaced by any kind of online substitute. 

P.S. Maastricht University uses Mediasite for lecture capture, and according to Gwen’s presentation, “using Mediasite doesn’t only offer opportunities for you as a teacher, such as more flexibility and more efficiency in class time. Students also love it because they can play back your lectures anytime they want wherever they want. Results from Maastricht University’s pilot studies with Mediasite even show study results are significantly improving with use of Mediasite.”