Correct answer: d) All of the Above.

Last month OfficeMax launched a new product line from TLC's Clean Sweep Peter Walsh. In my humble (and admittedly biased) opinion, the online launch strategy was super smart.

They invited a ton of bloggers (mostly supermoms, organizational gurus and lovers/hoarders of office supplies) to watch an exclusive, invitation only, sneak peak webcast. Login was required, but it's publicly-available now.

Walsh and OfficeMax VP of Marketing Julie Krueger demonstrated his [In]Place system and took questions from the live blogger audience. While watching, many of these bloggers were also tweeting at #officemax, which caused it to trend and invite new tweets from the uninvited, thereby creating a real-time wave of search-indexable coverage (and jealousy).

Sonic Foundry Event Services used an embedded Mediasite Player for the event on a custom OfficeMax landing page: The Player was branded with the OfficeMax corporate logo (linked to a trackable redirect to their homepage). Ask, Share and Links functionality were all enabled, with Links taking you to just one place - OfficeMax's Peter Walsh landing page of course.

BrandWeek reported "turnout was better than expected, resulting in 65 blog posts, 1,020 Tweets and two YouTube videos, among other posts in the blogosphere. In total, 257 bloggers participated, per OfficeMax. 'The participation and success is something that created a passionate experience,' said Bill Bonner, senior director of external relations at OfficeMax."

Bonner closed out his BrandWeek interview with, "We want to keep pushing the envelope and continue to do things like that in future campaigns."

Next time, I hope a) I get an invite b) I get free samples c) they use Polls d) all of the above.

Update 5.27: Just read in PR Week (login required) that the campaign has now generated more than 100 blog posts and more than 2.6 million audience impressions. The 152 Twitter participants resulted in the event being the second most-discussed topic on Twitter on April 2.