Divided by fjords and mountains, Rogaland County in southwest Norway is ideal for online education of skilled workers wanting to combine work and school.

That means two things: Instructors need to be up to date with all the ICT-based learning methods, and students need to be able to watch recordings of lectures anytime, anywhere, regardless of their location. That’s where Mediasite comes in.

Rogaland County’s central administration arranges conferences and courses for teachers in different locations which are not always within reach for all the participants. For the last five years, Torrill Evy Thune, a consultant of pedagogical use of ICT in Rogaland County Central Administration, has been traveling to these conferences and recording them with Mediasite for instructors all over the county to watch and re-watch.

The secondary school instructors then use that knowledge they learned by incorporating videoconferencing and lecture capture technology into their classrooms. The class time uses videoconferencing and GoToMeeting technology so that students in many locations can interact with each other in real time. Then, all those discussions are captured with Mediasite so students can review the material at any time.

“This is a flexible way for them to achieve the same education,” said Svend Ovrebekk, lecturer, Stavanger Offshore Technical College. “For us, Mediasite is easy to use, both for administration and for the teacher. If teachers want to make their own recordings, they can just push record.”

Thune and Ovrebekk presented their Mediasite story at Unleash 2015, the global Mediasite User Conference, today.