ovumA recent report from Ovum Research explores why a modern and personalized classroom environment is critical to student success.

The report, “Modernizing Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age,” examines how the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom implemented a Mediasite lecture capture and video content management system – the largest in Europe.

“The University of Leeds provides an example of how investing in lecture capture and multimedia management systems – ideally combined – can enable a modern, digital campus, and have an immediate positive impact on teaching and learning,” author Navneet Johal wrote in the report. “Since launching these tools in 2014, the University of Leeds has provided a personalized approach to learning for its students who expect a technology-savvy experience.”

The university’s $3 million highly-automated and scalable lecture capture program is campus wide – with more than 250 classrooms equipped to record. Faculty-recorded videos are viewed more than 1 million times annually. Read all about the deployment here.

“We know our students learn in different ways, so in addition to attending lectures, this gives them the opportunity to engage with the materials wherever they may be and at their own pace,” said Professor Neil Morris, Director of Digital Learning at Leeds.

The force behind all of that content is the My Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Nearly 7,500 PC’s have the software to create, edit and share videos.

“Modernizing teaching and learning in a digital age need not be complicated,” Johal continued. “Rather, it should promote creativity in teaching, learning and research and encourage faculty to embrace and apply innovative technologies (i.e. lecture capture) in the design. For institutions to compete in an increasingly digital and competitive market, enabling these technologies is critical.”

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