On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of having coffee with our webinar presenter Wendy Velez, Mediasite user and Associate Executive Director of Operations at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. I am particularly impressed with a few areas of their implementation and wanted to share. 

They are a small group doing big things with Mediasite. This is a great example of what a small, yet creative and dedicated team can accomplish with their sights focused on creating top-notch online training. They started in a modest way,  learned as they went and have ended up with a successful program and lots of ideas for future growth. What they’ve accomplished illustrates that you don’t have to be a big organization or have an army of resources to get real value from creating and selling video content.

They did a great job of complementing an existing program. She talked about early concerns that offering online training would take away from the in-person training for which they are known. So, they were clear to use Mediasite to complement and strengthen their existing program. They saw that they could open up new doors and reach people who were unable to come on-site. And, they found that the online courses actually helped promote the in-person training by giving people a taste of what the experience would be like.

They weren’t afraid to make mistakes. We had some good laughs about this – but her advice was don’t be afraid – just get in there, try it out, learn from other users. It’s true that many people who have the desire to offer video content are not video experts – so start with a good tool and a good attitude about giving it a try, starting small, then refine and grow. From their story, I’m reminded that you don’t need elaborate resources or studios, just a willingness to learn and a passion to share video content.

Check out more about the Mediasite implementation at NITA on our website or check out Tuesday’s webinar.