Pecha what?

Pecha Kucha – also known in some circles as Lightning Talks or Ignite or 20x20.

The onomatopoeic Japanese word for the sound of conversation, Pecha Kucha translates as “chit chat”. This conversational presentation style lets several speakers convey their most important ideas in succinct 6 minute-40 second bursts. Each presenter shares 20 image-based slides shown for 20 seconds each. Regardless of what you call it, or how you pronounce it, Pecha Kucha is emerging as a fun and entertaining presentation alternative for both speakers and audiences. And we’ll be featuring it for the first time at UNLEASH 2011, the annual Mediasite User Conference.

For a flavor of Pecha Kucha, check out these examples:

Interested in trying your hand at it? Good news – we’re recruiting Pecha Kucha speakers, novice or otherwise, for UNLEASH. Share your unique Mediasite application, best practice or expert advice, but remember to keep it to 400 seconds. Let us know you’re interested by completing this short call for speakers form. If accepted, you’ll automatically receive $150 off your UNLEASH conference pass!

More good news, the UNLEASH call for speakers deadline is extended through February 15. So there’s plenty of time to submit your speaking proposal for Pecha Kucha (or any other UNLEASH session).

To help you prepare for the most successful Pecha Kucha presentation, a couple resources:

Have you already participated in a Pecha Kucha session? We’d love to hear about your experience.