As we get ready to put on our 3rd annual user conference, I'm working closely with Monty Schmidt, the founder of Sonic Foundry to prepare his keynote presentation. I'm excited about what we're presenting and hopefully what the attendees will walk away with.

What I like about our Unleash conference is that we have a myriad of opportunities to hear from our customers. What I'm hoping our customers will take away from the conference are a ton of valuable insights - both from each other as well as from us. Some of the best experiences I've had (and I know many of my colleagues have had) have been at these user conferences.


One area we've greatly expanded this year is our training program. Even as I write, a group of customers are attending a series of workshops we developed to give them a deeper look at Mediasite and how it works. Hopefully, they'll finish the day with new ideas and an improved understanding of how to better extract the most value from Mediasite at their organizations. And, to make it even better, our customers also earn credits through InfoComm's CTS program.

It's a great way to stay technically up to date and also a great way to get ready for the rest of the conference.

Gotta run for now - still much to do.

Welcome to Madison for those of you who are attending!

We'll be getting more information up here about the conference as it happens.