Ten-minute video lectures when everyone else sets their timers for an hour? Check.
Flipping course modules so students learn better? Check.
Vying for nationwide title of “Best Lecturer of the Year?” Check.

We’ve known for years that Bob van den Brand, Tilburg University’s Associate Professor of Accountancy and Enterprise Video Award alum, has been pushing pedagogical boundaries, measurably increasing student performance and boosting instructor satisfaction with the i-STAR method.

Now, it seems, the Dutch Ministry of Education is taking notice as well.

It was announced last week that van den Brand is one of five lecturers in The Netherlands nominated for the Best Lecturer award, organized by the Dutch National Student Association.

Van den Brand is known as a committed and enthusiastic educator who uses innovation and interaction to enrich his teaching. He started incorporating video into his lectures in 2008, focusing on difficult first-year subjects known to be stumbling blocks for new students.

From there the i-STAR method was born, with Mediasite as the core technology, to capture the attention of the “YouTube Generation.” Students are encouraged to develop efficient study habits by selecting when and where they want to learn, and instructors are encouraged to support the model with more modern teaching practices – like 10-minute lectures.

His contributions have led to a substantial rise in students' pass rates – in one case more than 20 percent in just four years.

Nominations were accepted from all research and applied science universities in the Netherlands, and a jury selected the finalists based on letters of motivation submitted by the nominating institutions, assessing the lecturers on the criteria of commitment, didactic ability, interaction with students, innovation, and passion for their work. Winners will be announced by Education Minister Jet Bussemaker on Saturday January 17.

You can read more in Tilburg University’s press release.