(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

Currently, Bloomsburg University has more than 1,300 Mediasite presentations on its server, of which 1,000 were created in the last year. The reason for such fast content creation?

Last year, the university deployed My Mediasite, the personal video capture tool faculty, staff and students use to easily create, upload and share video.

“When we upgraded to Mediasite version 6.1 at the beginning of 2013 and opened the My Mediasite portal to all faculty and students, user-generated content took off,” said Asa Kelley, media technician.

My Mediasite is just one of the ways the university is using academic video. For the past six years, it’s used Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform to streamline its video content management and pull together all user-generated content, recorded lectures and special events into one easy to manage system.