(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

With 1.3 million people and more than 10 hospitals in the Rotterdam region of the Netherlands, the cost of healthcare is high and patients get less quality time with their doctors. But a unique video solution based on Mediasite is saving time and money, while still ensuring that patients and their families receive the information they need.

Zorgportaal Rijnmond, which translates to Care Portal Rijnmond, aims to make healthcare more efficient in the Rotterdam region by using e-learning solutions. It’s a secure video portal where patients and healthcare professionals exchange information quickly and easily via Mediasite webcasts about certain health topics.

The webcasting program is called Care Info TV and involves interactive video via a secure internet connection. This allows, for example, patients and their families to prepare for a consultation by watching a webcast in advance, creating a better visit with the doctor because they have questions prepared. Viewers can also ask questions to the presenter in real time.

“The future of healthcare is depending on solutions like this,” said Florian Visser, project leader for the portal. “We have enormous challenges in healthcare, but with Zorgportaal Rijnmond we can easily save money and time and increase the quality of patient consultations.”