It doesn't show up on a feature check list. It's not a section of most RFPs. It's not something you typically ask a customer to show you about a product, and yet, it is one of the important reasons Sonic Foundry's customers tell us they are with us - the relationship.

The relationship with your sales representative, the relationship with our tech support, the relationship with the Mediasite User Group, the relationship with our executive team, and the relationship with any other Sonic Foundry employee with whom you come in contact (please note my excellent grammatical construction there at the end...but forgive the fact that it's actually not a sentence.)

At our InfoComm booth, I was explaining some of the new features coming up in our next release when I learned that the customer has been with us since the first year we began simplifying multimedia presentation capture and delivery. It turns out that he is also a happy virtual attendee of our UNLEASH 09 Mediasite User Group conference that we streamed live via Mediasite this year. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask how the last seven years have been for Paul Zylowski of Corning. Check it out.

(Interesting to note that as he mentions Elizabeth, she happens to be talking with a customer in the lower right corner of the camera shot.)

Life is about relationships. Personal and professional. Enjoy all of them.