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3 Ways to Give Your Virtual Audience a Voice

3 Ways to Give Your Virtual Audience a Voice

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Are you bending over backwards to keep your audience engaged at live events? Birds of a feather luncheons, breakout sessions, dynamic Q&A, informal networking – all are tried and true tactics to get on-site attendees talking.

But what happens when your audience isn’t all on-site?

Fail to give online attendees the same attention as those on-site and you put your event’s reputation at risk. It’s like inviting them to the party but not letting them past the velvet rope.

Hybrid event consultant Emilie Barta knows how to avoid that angst. And now she’s agreed to tell you her three essential tactics to give your virtual audience a voice when take your live event online.

In this interactive and conversational webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Strategies for virtual attendee engagement before, during and after the event
  • Tactics that unite the onsite and online audiences into one cohesive group
  • Best practices for using technology – like event webcasting and social media – to build community between all attendees
Emilie Barta
Presented By:
Emilie Barta

When it comes to the new era of webcasts, virtual and hybrid events, Emilie Barta is at the forefront of the industry. With 14 years of broadcast/video experience and 12 years of trade show/event experience, she’s witnessed a technology evolution which now allows companies and associations to connect with multiple audiences, from one place, at one time. Meeting planners, event producers, and associations rely on Emilie’s unique ability to unite the face-to-face and virtual audiences into one cohesive group, and ensure that the virtual audience never feels forgotten or left behind. Companies depend on Emilie to show them how to fit the many components of hybrid events together, and count on her to engage their virtual audience.

Erica St. Angel
Moderated By:
Erica St. Angel
Erica St. Angel, VP of Marketing for Sonic Foundry, oversees the company's community-building initiatives, including its annual user conference, user group and social media strategy. Her unique background blends almost 20 years of corporate, public information and political campaigns, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes and increasing customer engagement. Erica has been involved in hybrid event planning for 5 years, and is a regular speaker on blended meeting tips and tech at events and webinars. Her work has earned both industry and marketing awards, including the Forrester Groundswell Award for the use of social technology at UNLEASH, Sonic Foundry's user conference - a hybrid meeting that leveraged social media and webcasting to increase attendance by 15 percent and achieve 10-fold conference ROI.
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