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Research Revealed: Using Academic Video to Impact Teaching and Learning

Research Revealed: Using Academic Video to Impact Teaching and Learning

Zac Woolfitt knows that converting a traditional, face-to-face lecture onto the video screen can be more complicated than it appears. He’s experimented with, and explored the complexities of, adding video to didactic learning environments. Not only has he done the research and completed his Master’s degree on the topic, he has the practical experience of what it takes to deploy successful active learning models in the classroom.

The result? More engaged faculty and students, and better outcomes as well.

Join us for this webinar as Zac shares his research, and his practical knowledge of using academic video, including how to:

  • Develop and implement video-teaching workshops
  • Overcome faculty fear of teaching with video
  • Implement teaching models based on “micro-lectures”
  • Introduce active learning to students
Zac Woolfitt
Presented By:
Zac Woolfitt
Zac Woolfitt Is a lecturer and researcher at Inholland University in The Netherlands. With a background in tourism where he worked in the US and Canada for ten years, he is now based near Amsterdam. He is conducting research into the effective use of video in higher education.  His master thesis examined the obstacles that teaching staff face when transitioning from face-to-face, to teaching via video. Using the Mediasite platform, he has recorded over 100 web lectures that are used when ‘flipping’ the classroom. He is also experimenting with integrating video as part of a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
Sean Brown
Moderated By:
Sean Brown
Sean Brown, Senior Vice President, Sonic Foundry. Sean's core focus is simplifying digital media to improve use and outcomes. Before coming to Sonic Foundry in 2002, Sean has 23 years of product management and education business development experience at IBM, Apple and Oracle. He is a past president and board member of the Hopkins Foundation for Innovation in Education. Today, Sean also hosts Sonic Foundry's popular, monthly best practices webinar series for higher education.
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