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Behind the Black Curtain: 10 Secrets for Producing Your Best Hybrid Event

Behind the Black Curtain: 10 Secrets for Producing Your Best Hybrid Event

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When you hear “hybrid event” you might think the key to success is what happens online – the speakers, streaming video, social media and the like.

But the world’s best event producers know different. The most successful hybrid events begin months before registration opens, and most of the magic happens on site, behind the black curtain.

Wish you could get a sneak peek at what works? Then Tahira Endean is about to make your day.

Tahira has been producing events since the time of thermal paper fax machines, DOS and carousel slides. And she’s applied her old school production skills to the new world of hybrid event meeting technology.

Join us for this dynamic presentation as she walks you through her hybrid event production process, sharing great tips for any event producer, but especially if you want to go hybrid. Or do hybrid better than you have before.

She’ll show her work from recent conferences like Event Camp Vancouver, and answer your pressing questions, including:

  • How do you build timelines for hybrid event planning, and for the hybrid event itself?
  • What is the best way to choose trusted partners, and get them to collaborate before, during and after the event?
  • Are there shortcuts for choosing the right hybrid event technology?
  • Where is the best place to station the technology table? And how many should you have?
  • Who does what job, on site and online, during a hybrid event?
Tahira Endean
Presented By:
Tahira Endean
Tahira Endean, CMP is the Director of Creative and Production at Cantrav Services in Vancouver and is passionate about creating engaging event experiences. For nearly two decades she has held various meeting management and producer roles. She has been an instructor of Event Management at British Columbia Institute of Technology since 1999, holds diplomas in Event and Convention Management and Adult Education and most recently completed a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.
Erica St. Angel
Moderated By:
Erica St. Angel
Erica St. Angel, VP of Marketing for Sonic Foundry, oversees the company's community-building initiatives, including its annual user conference, user group and social media strategy. Her unique background blends almost 20 years of corporate, public information and political campaigns, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes and increasing customer engagement. Erica has been involved in hybrid event planning for 5 years, and is a regular speaker on blended meeting tips and tech at events and webinars. Her work has earned both industry and marketing awards, including the Forrester Groundswell Award for the use of social technology at UNLEASH, Sonic Foundry's user conference - a hybrid meeting that leveraged social media and webcasting to increase attendance by 15 percent and achieve 10-fold conference ROI.
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