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Demystifying Active Learning: One Professor’s Journey

Demystifying Active Learning: One Professor’s Journey

What Associate Professor Sehoya Cotner thought would be the worst teaching experience of her life turned into the very best. This University of Minnesota instructor experimented with active learning – a student-centered, technology-rich way of teaching – recently and saw impressive results. Her active learning students by far outperformed those in her traditional class.

In this webinar, hear how Sehoya immersed herself in active learning and why she is urging educational leaders and faculty to embrace the concept. She’ll tell you:

  • Why she sees more meaningful interactions and increased self-efficacy in her active learning classrooms
  • How she adapted a traditional course into a collaboration-rich environment
  • Tips and best practices for getting started with active learning
Sehoya Cotner
Presented By:
Sehoya Cotner
Sehoya Cotner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota. She is an award-winning teacher who is passionate about both biology and biology-education research. She has published papers on teaching with technology, barriers to teaching and learning evolution, and gender disparities in the sciences. She has also published articles on strategies for engaging students in large lectures, including work with the Active Learning Classrooms project at the University of Minnesota. Current work involves identifying which elements of course-based research experiences (CUREs) are key to promoting scientific literacy; identifying and countering barriers to learning science; evolution education in Galápagos; and facilitating meaningful group interactions in the large-lecture setting. For a list of recent publications, visit her website at:
Tammy Jackson
Moderated By:
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Sonic Foundry. Tammy oversees the efforts of the company’s marketing team, developing the marketing, communication and community strategies to drive lead generation, build brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. Prior to Sonic Foundry, Tammy worked as a broadcast and print journalist for more than a decade, where she honed her passion for sharing the stories of others. She’s parlayed that passion into sharing customer successes as they creatively integrate academic and enterprise multi-media into their daily lives.
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