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Want More Engaged Learners? Gamification is the Answer

Want More Engaged Learners? Gamification is the Answer

Whether you’re in a classroom or a training room, what is the key to successfully engaging your students? Sure, it helps to know the material inside and out, and maybe you have a good joke in your arsenal to keep their attention. But ultimately, to really engage learners, you need to inspire curiosity. Make them think. Give them a competitive advantage.

Gamification is the answer. Adding gaming elements to your teaching video creates effective learning environments, gives learners instant feedback and can even reduce distraction.

Join us on June 8 for our live webinar for an introduction to using gamification in video. Michael Hebben, founder of MadLogic, helps companies transform their serious questions into playful answers. He will share how you can use gaming dynamics and mechanics to create positive learning interventions and spice up your videos.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies for incorporating gaming elements into your videos
  • How to leverage the power of gaming to create better learning outcomes
  • Why adding gamification can increase productivity and optimize learning outcomes
  • How gamification can make video learning more engaging
Michael Hebben
Presented By:
Michael Hebben
Michael Hebben is an innovation specialist and partner at MadLogic, a company that develops and implements game-based solutions for businesses and the public sector. Michael worked for over 10 years as an ICU and ER nurse in several Dutch hospitals. He founded MadLogic after earning his Masters Degree in Education & Innovation.
Tammy Jackson
Moderated By:
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson is the Director of Communications at Sonic Foundry. Tammy oversees the company’s public relations and new media efforts, engaging and employing the use of emerging technologies to build relationships and connect the rapidly-growing global customer base. Prior to joining the marketing team at Sonic Foundry, Tammy worked as a broadcast and print journalist for more than a decade, where she honed her passion for sharing the stories of others. She’s parlayed that passion into sharing customer successes as they creatively integrate academic and enterprise multi-media into their daily lives.
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