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Event Webcasting Road Map: Using Online Content to Fuel Face-to-Face Meetings and Community

Event Webcasting Road Map: Using Online Content to Fuel Face-to-Face Meetings and Community

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You know that feeling of camaraderie you build with fellow attendees during a conference? Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to keep that level of networking and interaction going long after the event is over?

Stephanie Martinez did. And she came up with a very clever way to launch that community on the heels of their first hybrid event: build the network on a foundation of conference content through event webcasting.

EduComm has done conference recording from its earliest days and after years of refining their online meeting strategy, in 2010 they sold their first virtual conference pass to access the live streaming webcasts.

Since then, she’s built a conference archive of webcasts to not only promote the upcoming conference, but also build that event community into a year-round destination. Going hybrid has helped grow both the EduComm brand and their onsite attendance – from 300 to over 800 in just 4 years.

In this webinar, Stephanie will describe where they started with event webcasting, where they are now, and what they’ve got planned for the future. She’ll give you an unvarnished review of the questions they asked themselves along the way, frustrations and triumphs, plus lessons learned.

  • When do you start marketing the virtual conference option, and how does that decision affect onsite registration?
  • Can webcasts – live or on-demand – be used to encourage people to register for the face-to-face event? And if so, how?
  • Which sessions do you choose to record – do you go live with just keynotes, just one full track, or every session? Do you charge for them all? And who gets access after the event is over?
  • How far out should you start planning?
  • What should you look for in a community platform, particularly when your team has little to no technical expertise? How does social media fit, and how important is Twitter to networking between onsite and online attendees?
  • Where can you leverage archived webcasts from last year’s sessions to advance the discussion that this year’s conference?
Stephanie Martinez
Presented By:
Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez is the Chief Information Officer of Professional Media Group, publisher of the higher education magazine University Business, the award winning K12 magazine, District Administration and producer of the UBTech Conference. The UBTech conference is the top higher ed technology and vision conference where college and university leaders meet with pace-setting innovators and practitioners to identify emerging higher education trends and models, and discover practical paths for successful application of new solutions.

Erica St. Angel
Moderated By:
Erica St. Angel
Erica St. Angel, VP of Marketing for Sonic Foundry, oversees the company's community-building initiatives, including its annual user conference, user group and social media strategy. Her unique background blends almost 20 years of corporate, public information and political campaigns, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes and increasing customer engagement. Erica has been involved in hybrid event planning for 5 years, and is a regular speaker on blended meeting tips and tech at events and webinars. Her work has earned both industry and marketing awards, including the Forrester Groundswell Award for the use of social technology at UNLEASH, Sonic Foundry's user conference - a hybrid meeting that leveraged social media and webcasting to increase attendance by 15 percent and achieve 10-fold conference ROI.
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