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3 Ways Mediasite Enhances Student Engagement

3 Ways Mediasite Enhances Student Engagement

Video is more important than ever in today’s classrooms. But engaging with students remains one of the biggest challenges.

Mediasite is helping transform the student experience with new and improved video interactivity tools designed to increase student retention and create more powerful engagement between faculty and students. In this webinar, Sonic Foundry’s Tom Irons will tell you what you need in a video platform to measure teaching effectiveness and students’ understanding of topics in real time. You’ll learn how to:

  • Help students measure their progress with embedded quizzes
  • Give instructors real-time information on students’ understanding with polls
  • Enable students to actively learn with annotations and comments
Tom Irons
Presented By:
Tom Irons
Tom has over 17 years experience in the AV and digital media industry, starting as a designer and programmer for educational and promotional multimedia. In 2000, he assumed responsibility for East Carolina University’s campus-wide classroom technology with a deployment of 150+ integrated classrooms. He currently manages Sonic Foundry’s Sales Engineering team, which is responsible for providing consultation and implementation services for Mediasite deployments and delivering customer-focused training solutions. He also directs Sonic Foundry's technical support department.
Adam Snow
Moderated By:
Adam Snow
Adam Snow is Community Manager for Sonic Foundry. He is an avid Mediasite champion, overseeing an active customer community with more than 1,300 members and cultivating community relationships that provide valuable insights that directly impact Mediasite development initiatives. Adam also organizes all customer summits around the world and the annual global user conference, Mediasite Experience. With over 10 years of marketing and event experience, he brings a keen customer-centric perspective to his role in the marketing department.
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