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Pro Tips for Flipped Classroom Content Creation

Pro Tips for Flipped Classroom Content Creation

Do instructors at your institution want to create multi-media content for their classes but don’t know where to start? It’s a common conundrum.

In this live webinar, you’ll be introduced to a simplified workflow of how to plan, record, edit, and broadcast interactive content through the use of mobile devices and computers.

Join our speaker Jason Webb, online learning analyst at Syracuse University, as he shares:

  • His go-to consumer-grade tools and applications to create engaging and informative materials
  • How to put mobile devices and laptops to work to create professional looking content
  • The framework to tell an interesting story that will get students to sit up and pay attention
Jason Webb
Presented By:
Jason Webb
As an Online Learning Analyst at Syracuse University, Jason works with faculty at the university and local high schools to show off digital content created through video. He has degrees from Oswego State in Technology Education and Syracuse University's Newhouse School in Television, Radio, and Film.
Tammy Jackson
Moderated By:
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Sonic Foundry. Tammy oversees the efforts of the company’s marketing team, developing the marketing, communication and community strategies to drive lead generation, build brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. Prior to Sonic Foundry, Tammy worked as a broadcast and print journalist for more than a decade, where she honed her passion for sharing the stories of others. She’s parlayed that passion into sharing customer successes as they creatively integrate academic and enterprise multi-media into their daily lives.
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