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Recruit, Retain & Reward Your Volunteer Speakers & Trainers

Recruit, Retain & Reward Your Volunteer Speakers & Trainers

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Do you work with speaker volunteers and subject matter experts to create online training programs and continuing education? Then you know how crucial it is to support them and manage expectations on both ends to achieve the best online video outcome.

Mindy Thomas Fulks from the Tennessee Bar Association develops continuing legal education for Tennessee lawyers and judges. In this webinar, learn:

  • Valuable tips and best practices for recruiting and retaining volunteer instructors
  • How to get the best presentation from your speakers
  • How to promote speakers in your LMS using video
Mindy Thomas Fulks
Presented By:
Mindy Thomas Fulks
Mindy is responsible for developing curriculum and managing productions of both classroom and online seminars that provide continuing legal education to Tennessee lawyers and judges. With curriculums focusing on 32 areas of the law and skills training, her goal is to promote learning and create learning environments appropriate for different audiences. Mindy is also responsible for recruiting, managing and training volunteers and supporting, developing and assisting with statewide PR programs.
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