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Here’s Why You Should Turn Your Video Conferences into On-Demand Videos

Here’s Why You Should Turn Your Video Conferences into On-Demand Videos

Too often great ideas and important details are forgotten when the web conference or video conference ends.  

What if there was a way to turn that valuable information into a dynamic video stream, accessible to participants anytime, anywhere? You can with Mediasite Join, which automatically records and manages everything said and shown for playback on any device – all while integrating with the web or video conference system you already have in place.  

In this webinar, Sonic Foundry’s Bill Cherne gives a crash course on Mediasite Join, including: 

  • Why adding Join to your digital video strategy will drive business outcomes and student success 
  • How its interactivity features (i.e. polls, bookmarks, surveys and quizzes) create a deeper viewer engagement experience 
  • And how universities and corporations are already leveraging Join to turn their communications into rich, searchable video on-demand 
Bill Cherne
Presented By:
Bill Cherne
Bill Cherne, Director of Field Engineering, Sonic Foundry, has 20 years experience in both the AV and digital media industry and in managing and deploying enterprise applications and infrastructure. He has worked with Fortune 500 enterprises including American Family Insurance, Ford Motor Company, Ford Treasury and Ernst & Young, administering server infrastructures and providing consultation and design services for major software applications. In 2006, Bill joined Sonic Foundry and today leads the sales engineering team responsible for providing consultation and implementation services for Mediasite deployments and delivering customer-focused training solutions
Adam Snow
Moderated By:
Adam Snow
Adam Snow is Community Manager for Sonic Foundry. He is an avid Mediasite champion, overseeing an active customer community with more than 1,300 members and cultivating community relationships that provide valuable insights that directly impact Mediasite development initiatives. Adam also organizes all customer summits around the world and the annual global user conference, Mediasite Experience. With over 10 years of marketing and event experience, he brings a keen customer-centric perspective to his role in the marketing department.
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