Imagine finding yourself on an elevator with the famous founder of your company. Do you smile politely and ride it out? Or do you seize the opportunity and pitch him the big idea you’ve been working on?

If you’re Lawrence Grafton you do the latter. He pitched Michael Dell himself on an enterprise video initiative that would unify corporate messaging to more than 100,000 Dell employees and ensure that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, is speaking the same language.

He was talking about DellTV powered by Mediasite. And since that elevator ride it’s taken on hockey-stick growth within the organization.

As companies increasingly engage employees with video for corporate communications and training, companies like Dell are fast-tracking their sophisticated enterprise video strategies and putting the power of content creation right into the hands of their employees. 

 Join us on Tuesday, January 21 at 11:00 a.m. CT for a live webinar featuring Forrester and Dell.

Lawrence will take your questions live and map out how he championed a small video project and turned it into a mission-critical, transformative communication platform. He’ll cover the ways in which video is driving efficiencies in the organization, including how:

  • Departments are leveraging My Mediasite Desktop Capture to flip meetings – employees watch a brief video in advance and show up ready for discussion
  • Messaging of product knowledge, training, marketing materials and town hall meetings is consistent across the board
  • Content creation plays a key role in employee career advancement

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Lawrence Grafton, creator of DellTV, a communications medium that utilizes Mediasite and Dell infrastructure to create a collaborative network facilitating cooperation with multiple organizations within Dell including external customers. Lawrence is also a field marketing manager in Dell’s Global Division working to develop the data center strategy in some of the world’s largest companies.

Phil Karcher, analyst with Forrester Research, serves CIOs with research on social business and collaboration, video, office productivity, and technology's role in the workforce experience. Phil is also a key contributor to Forrester's Workforce Technology Needs Assessments, a survey-based methodology to help IT professionals save money and improve workforce technology use.

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