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Corporate YouTube

Self-service is the name of the game for the most efficient and effective online training, sales enablement, employee onboarding or customer service programs. And there’s no denying that video is the best tool for the job. But when that video is scattered throughout your organization, self-service and efficiency are quickly sacrificed. With Mediasite’s ready-made video library – your organization’s private YouTube – not only is valuable knowledge centrally organized, but you open the doors for deeper employee collaboration, engagement and productivity. Think of the possibilities!

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Share and Preserve Company Knowledge

  • Boost employee productivity with ready access to vital company know-how in a central, searchable video library
  • Create self-service video training portals for partners, clients or members
  • Guarantee the privacy of sensitive information
  • Organize and manage ANY video – studio recordings, employee-generated content, video calls and meetings, mobile uploads, existing archives

Create a Culture of Informal Learning

  • Encourage subject matter experts to self-publish their expertise with easy-to-use video capture, screencast and upload tools
  • Empower any employee to contribute content while ensuring appropriateness via approval workflows
  • Promote knowledge discovery by presenting related content, search-based channels, featured videos and more
  • Embrace mobile learning with consistent rich video experiences across all devices

Deepen Collaboration & Engagement

  • Promote content sharing to deepen peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Ensure employees quickly find the information they need with in-video search that scans everything said and shown
  • Enhance learning and boost mastery with engagement tools like polls, ask-a-question, post-video surveys, related resource links and more
  • Measure content engagement and see who watches which videos with viewership analytics