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Learning & Development

From formal training to day-to-day information sharing, businesses are using video to train more frequently and preserve key company information, keeping everyone aligned in today’s fast-paced, dispersed work environments. Employees are instantly in-the-know about product and company updates, policy changes and new training tips. And how-tos and other informal knowledge sharing can be recorded by employees at their desktop and easily shared with colleagues. And because video is an engaging way to exchange information, employees collaborate better and feel more connected.

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Enhance Employee Skills

  • Guarantee standardized training for new hires, research teams in the field and geographically dispersed workers
  • Train employees consistently regardless of other day-to-day demands on trainers
  • Easily archive expert content for future use
  • Keep track of which participants have viewed each training session
  • Improve retention as employees review complex training material

Deliver Training Anytime, Anywhere

  • Simultaneously train a dispersed workforce at their desktops
  • Delivery on demand and just-in-time learning in the context of employees’ work
  • Get new hires up-to-speed immediately
  • Eliminate the need to repeat the same instruction to distributed employees

Improve Performance

  • Stay ahead of your changing business climate
  • Improve quality and productivity by fostering efficient work practices
  • Create a positive learning environment that fosters continuous improvement
  • Boost leadership, program management and other core skills for improved morale