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Live Events, Conferences & Meetings

From keynotes and multi-track conferences to annual meetings and corporate events, Mediasite Events produces successful, exceptional online experiences for any size event, any size audience. Eliminate the hassle and expense of separate live streaming and video on demand solutions. With a dedicated team of event experts, Mediasite Events delivers worry-free, turnkey video production, event streaming and end-to-end management services to achieve your event goals and score rave audience reviews.

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Expand Event Reach and Longevity

  • Grow event attendance by confidently streaming live and on-demand to those unable to attend
  • Address standing-room-only situations by streaming to overflow rooms
  • Deliver lasting value to attendees with “take home” video content
  • Leverage captured video to keep the event alive after it’s over, preserve attendee relevance and retention and attract future attendees

Magnify Attendee Engagement

  • Produce memorable online events that boost learning and retention with the highest quality video, slides and speaker-to-viewer engagement tools
  • Share video on demand within 24 hours (or less) to capitalize on event excitement
  • Cultivate year-round content engagement with an easy-to-use video portal and powerful in-video search
  • Integrate Mediasite video streaming with your own event platform, social networks, virtual environment or e-commerce system

Maximize Event ROI

  • Reduce overall cost per attendee by increasing online or hybrid event attendance and viewership
  • Leverage recorded event content to populate training portals and create persistent online communities
  • Create new revenue opportunities with pay-per-view videos or video sponsorships
  • Track which content attracts the most views and see exactly who is watching to make informed program decisions, measure ROI and plan future events