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Campus Events

There’s never a dull moment on a college campus. Why not capture not only what’s happening in the classroom but also the discussions and events taking place outside? Preserve your campus’ history – from guest speakers to sporting events to graduations to religious ceremonies and everything in between – so the world can watch. Webcast these milestones using our mobile Mediasite Recorders or let our Mediasite Events team do it for you. That way, remote students, alumni, parents and the general public don’t have to miss a beat, wherever they are in the world.

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Live Stream Events for Maximum Reach

  • Raise institution’s profile by connecting the campus with a global audience
  • Enhance recruitment and community relations
  • Gain competitive advantage by meeting needs of media-savvy students and families

Build a Video Library of On Demand Events

  • Build instant online video archives for people to watch anytime, anyplace
  • Preserve campus history
  • Use video to promote future events