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Flipped & Blended Learning

Universities large and small are evaluating how to harness the power of video to address students’ meteoric demand for anytime, anywhere access to course content. Students embrace video because it engages them and personalizes their learning experiences, which is often a challenge in today’s digital and online classrooms. So, flipped instruction – the lecture-first, discussion-later approach to teaching – and blended learning – a mix of online and face-to-face interactions –  are heating up classrooms all over the world thanks to the availability of creation and capture tools at everyone’s fingertips. And they get results. Student satisfaction and grades increase. Graduation rates and student retention improve. And institutions are more competitive.

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Increase Student Engagement

  • Transform teaching to make class time more engaging and valuable
  • Build stronger relationships between faculty and students that foster collaboration
  • Deliver information in a way that’s engaging and memorable

Provide Anytime, Anywhere Access to Course Content

  • Enhance study-time with interactive video on-demand lectures
  • Make knowledge readily available when a student needs it via a secure campus video portal
  • Allow students to learn at their own pace

Record At Your Convenience

  • Create and share video, training modules, lectures or assignments from any location with the ease of My Mediasite desktop recording tool
  • Touch up video with the web-based Mediasite Editor
  • Upload any video into Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform to make it searchable and interactive with powerful analytics
  • Give videos a secure, central home